Monday, June 26, 2017

All in the Lord's Timing

This week was Basically the Longest week of my entire life. We went on exchanges on Tuesday and I gave a training in District meeting on Wednesday, but when I was looking back on my week I thought that those things happened last week it felt so long ago!
This week we had an amazing experience with the Bergman Family. Our Bishop had gone over to visit them for ministering visits on Tuesday, and felt that we needed to visit with them as well. We had to put it off because all the times we could visit Sister Bergman were either filled, or we didn't have our car when we actually had time to go visit them. So Friday came around and we had left our ward list at home!
The ward list is the most important tool you have to find people to visit, if you don't have an address how can you find them?!?!? Sister Pluim and I looked at each other and decided we could probably find our way to the Bergman's house.
The coolest thing was that just as we were pulling up, they were building a fire to roast s'mores, but Brother and Sister Bergman were wondering how they could help all of their 7 children to roast marshmallows.
When we walked into their yard they were so grateful for two extra sets of hands! So we roasted Marshmallows and laughed, and talked to the kiddos. I wound up having a really great conversation with Sister Bergman about why they aren't coming to church, and a couple of her children expressed desires to come to church! So we are hoping to get them in there one of these days!
The Lord's timing is perfect, even for simple things like roasting marshmallows!

All my love,
Sister Megan Monson