Monday, August 1, 2016

Week 6: We Bousta Baptize

Here in Lincoln the English is a little bit... different. I've learned so many new words, like "finna," "bousta," and "ratchet." To be honest it sometimes hurts me to hear the English language slaughtered, but one learns to cope.
   GREAT NEWS THOUGH! We have two people on date for baptism by the end of the month of August! Super super SUPER exciting! 
So we "bousta" ( are about to ) have some "tisms" (baptisms) in Lincoln. We are so excited to actually have people to consistently teach, Sister Bird and I are about to go crazy with excitement!
    We knocked so many doors this week, and we got a couple potentials from it, which is super exciting! In the WA-TAC we do something called "OYM" (open your mouth) which is essentially street contacting. We are each asked to talk to 10 people on the streets every day, so 20 per companionship. I have talked to a lot of very interesting people that way, a handful of gangsters, people of all ethnic backgrounds, and all ages. The mission has been promised that if each missionary talks to at least 10 people a day, we will see success. So we talk to everyone, and invite everyone to hear the message about Jesus Christ, it's basically awesome and so outside of my comfort zone.

    We started out this week totally strong, we were going to go at it hard, and we wound up running ourselves ragged. On Saturday neither of us felt like we could walk another mile. No one we planned to visit was home, and we were getting frustrated. So we pulled over and parked, confused as to what to do. Then the thought came "go see Brittany." I was massively confused about that, we met Brittany the first week we were here and we  hadn't seen her since, not without trying. We had decided not to go try any more. But we followed the prompting and we actually found Brittany at home! She was actually in the hospital with a problematic knee, so she didn't know we had been by until the day before. We taught her the first lesson and committed her to being baptized before she moves back to school in a few weeks! She is totally prepared!

    Lincoln had it's first baptism since February on Saturday night, and it was awesome. The elders got a referral for a girl named Annika. She referred herself on and she was baptized two weeks later. It was so awesome, she is adorable and is going to the U in like 2 weeks!
   Have a great week everyone!
    All my love,

     Sister Monson

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