Monday, March 20, 2017

Playing In The Mud

This week has been nothing short of an adventure. It all started with Tuesday, we were out knocking doors and decided to move to a different street part way through. We pulled over to a grassy area and parked... Whoops. We thought we were in the clear because it hadn't rained in a couple hours, but we were unfortunately very, very mistaken. We tried to get out, switching between drive and reverse, wheels spinning sinking us deeper and deeper into the mud. Finally we took the keys out of the ignition and did what we should have done very first. We prayed, pleading for help harder than ever. We had no idea what to do, and we begged Heavenly Father for a way to get out, however that may be. The first impression was to call the vehicle coordinator, Elder Colvin. We told him about our situation and he suggested calling members of our ward who had trucks and asking them to come pull us out. Just after he suggested that the call died and we were out of cell service.

Just imagine me, in my rain boots, wandering around this neighborhood in the woods with my arm up in the air trying desperately to find some amount of cell service to make a call to get out of the mud. It was just as ridiculous as it sounds.
Soon enough though, an old lady pulled up and asked if we needed help, we told her we were stuck in the mud and has no way of getting out. She thought for a second and told us that she would send someone shortly. So we waited... still trying desperately to make calls. Within 10 minutes a man pulled up in a truck and hooked our car to his truck. He gave me simple instructions to put the car in neutral and attempt to guide the car as he pulled it out.
What a RIDE! He pulled and pulled and dragged me out of the ditch. I was flying around like a rag doll but finally our car splattered and wheels coated with mud, we were free!
I have no idea who those people were, but I am forever in their debt, I couldn't even call a tow truck! God answers prayers, I know that. He will never leave us hanging for too long. I know He loves us.

As for news of this week, I got two phone calls from President Blatter this week: The first one came on transfer call day. Which is always scary, you never know what will happen when he calls! He told us that we will be staying together in Shelton for another transfer. So I'll be in Shelton for 6 months and by the time I leave everyone will know me REALLY well. 
The second call came as we were knocking doors on Sunday night, which worried me even more, had he changed our call? But not so! President was calling to let me know something that happened in my family yesterday. Apparently my daddy was called as Stake President, so that was exciting! You literally never know what will change at home, but at least we know it will all work out in the end!

All my love,
Sister Megan Monson

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