Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day Video Phone Call!

Honestly I was a little nervous to talk to her. I know how phone calls home can be hard on missionaries, causing homesickness and lack of focus. Unfortunately it caused this for me too! But the minute her sweet face popped up on the screen I just cried. She looks beautiful, happy, sweet, full of life and spirit and just plain amazing. They were tears of sweet joy that I need to feel. Being a missionary mom is not always easy, yes the blessings come and you do feel a sense of peace most of the time about your missionary serving but there is a piece of a mother's heart that goes with them and the ache is tangible and other times so hard to move forward without missing them more. 

My favorite part of her video phone call was the chance to have her fill our home with laughter and love. Megan has always had that ability to bring light to each room she enters. Last night at 7:00pm the room filled with her light. It was magical! She had curled her hair so nicely and looks a little older and much wiser. She has grown up... is a lovely women and I could not be more proud of her.

The chance to have all my kids and my new (almost) daughter with us too was a special gift I will forever treasure. We panned the room so she could see everyone there but I kept the camera on me! It was Mother's day after all. We all asked her questions and specifically about what she loves about being a missionary. What miracles she has seen, her response was she see's one everyday! 

We even sang happy birthday to her, since her birthday is in two weeks. That was fun, she didn't want us all to sing but we did :) She wants a hair cut for her birthday.. done!

At the end we asked her to share her testimony. What power and conviction she shared. I cried another round of joyous tears as she testified of the Book of Mormon, of prophets, of the restoration, of a Savior who atoned for her sins and ours, for a loving Heavenly Father and her love for the priesthood power and eternal families. Really it was all encompassing. She also shared that she KNOWS she is supposed to be where she is now, serving the Lord. She expressed gratitude for a loving family, companion and opportunities. 

We closed with a family prayer that John offered and blessed her with protection, feeling the love from home and gratitude for the blessings our family receives as she serves. 

It was hard to say goodbye but we did it. Could I love a daughter more? I bet as the years continue I will. She is a gift Heavenly Father knew I needed and knew I would cherish! Love you with all of my heart Sister Monson, Megan! May the Lord continue to bless you with experiences that will shape, mold and prepare you for now and your future.

Love, Mom

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