Monday, July 31, 2017

The Whale

In the Book of Jonah, the prophet Jonah is asked to do something he desperately does not want to do, go to Nineveh. He does not want to go there, he basically tells God, "I will do anything but go to Nineveh!" So naturally he gets on a boat headed the other direction and sails and sails until naturally he gets swallowed by a whale and has to repent and decides he will go to Nineveh and teach them about Jesus and call them all to repent as he has just done.
So last week while I was anticipating a transfer call, I knew in my heart that I would be leaving my beloved Manette Ward. So as I prayed, I told God, "I will go anywhere, I will do whatever you want me to do. But PLEASE don't make me double in again, please just let me have a normal transfer for once." MISTAKE

Lesson learned: Never tell God what you want, ask Him what you need.
one of my favorite scriptures says: 

"Wherefore, brethren, seek not to counsel the Lord, but to take counsel from his hand. For behold, ye yourselves know that he counseleth in wisdom, and in justice, and in great mercy, over all his works." Jacob 4:10

We can't tell God what we want Him to do, my desire to have a normal transfer, while it is not a bad desire, was not what God wanted for me.
Another great gen of the scriptures is from Isaiah 55:9 

"For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts."

I've learned on my mission that Heavenly Father always knows best. He always knows what we need much more than we do. So over a year ago when I turned in my mission papers, I promised my Heavenly Father, that "I'll go where you want me to go," and though I didn't know it then, I also agreed to be doubled in for the third time and doubled out for the second. We never know what will happen to us next, but we can always be sure, that we will be better because of it!
As for Silverdale, it is a lot of trees and streets that don't connect, but should, and long driveways, and critters all over. Yep, it's the boonies. It will be another grand adventure, and Sister Stallings and I will definitely be conquering the world up here!

All my love,
Sister Megan Monson

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