Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Week 1: The TARDIS

The TARDIS is an ordinary blue police public call box, nothing is overly special about its exterior appearance. The amazing thing about the TARDIS is that "it is BIGGER on the inside!" How can this be? How can something so seemingly ordinary have so much more depth? 

This week I have learned that the TARDIS concept is true of another blue thing, The Book of Mormon. Reading it just on the surface, it is just another novel about people who lived thousands of years ago. But realizing how much bigger it is on the inside makes it mean more than we can even comprehend. The Book of Mormon is my favorite book in the whole world. I love it more than i love To Kill a Mockingbird,  The Great Gatsby, and even Pride and Prejudice. I could not say that before this week. I thought I would hate studying for hours at a time but I actually LOVE it! I love getting to just dive in to the scriptures and preach my gospel! My testimony of scripture study has increased by leaps and bounds!

This week we worked mostly on lesson one, The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I LOVE this message! I was able to memorize Joseph Smith's own words of how he described seeing Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, and it is so powerful, the Spirit that brings into lessons is amazing. We were able to teach this great message to a TRC (teaching resource center) investigator. Her name is Jacqi Daum, and she knows my Aunt Mer! It was a crazy experience, she told me that she could remember my name because she knew another Sister Monson, one who lived in Springville and was recovering from a battle with cancer. My jaw just about hit the floor! "That's my aunt Mer!" I exclaimed, "she is just wonderful!" I was just filled with such a love for my family, but also for this woman who I had met just moments before! It was amazing! There truly are no coincedences! God works in mysterious ways, and one of them is Jacqi Daum! That connection just formed a bond between me and Sister Daum, I was able to bear my testimony with such confidence, it was absolutely amazing! And she was able to open up in trust, and I cannot imagine a better way to start teaching an investigator!
This experience made me realize that people are also like the TARDIS, they are so much bigger on the inside. Sister Daum, on the outside, is someone who is paid to be taught the missionary discussions by missionaries in training. But inside, she is a Child of God! How amazing that truth is!

We had some amazing devotionals this week! Brother Stephen Allen fromt he missionary department came and spoke on why the reasons missionaries find to go home are not actually valid reasons. He said that Satan is just pushing our buttons, and because he has followed us around since the moment we were born he knows which ones to push! But DON't LISTEN, don't be bothered! Ignore him! He just wants to bring you down! Such a good one to have my first week when I was missing my family!

We also had Elder Mervyn Arnold of the seventy come speak to us, but his wife spoke first, and something she said really stuck out to me. She said, "Our ability to have joy increases as we grow closer to out Heavenly Father." That was amazing to me! That's why I'm here in the MTC, to grow closer to my Heavenly Father, so I can help His children to have joy!
Other things, My District is awesome, the four sisters (including me) are going to Tacoma, and the elders are split, four going to Oakland, California, and the other four are going to Vancouver,Canada. Which is totally awesome, we have the whole West coast covered between us!

My companion, Sister Belliston, is from San Antonio, Texas, but grew up in Salem, Utah. She is super awesome, and I love working with her. We definitely are not perfect teachers, but there has only ever been one of those! So we are trying to emulate Him!

Have a fantastic week!
All my love,
Sister Megan Monson


  1. Wait. Belliston from Salem?!?! I think I know her....

  2. So awesome! And fun connection with Aunt Mer