Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Week 2: Hi Ho! Hi Ho! It's off to work we go!

Snow White
travel plans
Yesterday an elder from my district told me I looked like Snow White. Which was quite comical, but I just rolled with it. We got our travel plans this week! It's crazy knowing that I'm actually leaving the MTC next Tuesday! I'm so excited! But just like Snow White and her seven dwarfs, I, and my eight elders (and three sisters!) will be headed out into the field this coming week!
I have no idea if I am at all ready; I want to believe that I am!
Sister Daum

We taught Jaqui Daum for the last time on Saturday, and I wanted to cry leaving her! It was so sad! She has such a sweet spirit and a great testimony, she definitely taught me more than I could ever teach her! We got two new investigators now though, and they are also awesome! I'm getting more comfortable teaching and that's important!
The major lesson I learned this week was about compassion. We were teaching "Brother Booth" who was really just my teacher pretending to be a 65 year-old man, and he had just found out he had terminal cancer. I had no idea how to react. You want to tell people that Christ will take care of them and that it'll be okay. But that's not what they want to hear. I felt numb; I didn't want to face the fact that Brother Booth really did go through that. Another teacher, Brother Pemberton, came and talked to me and Sister Belliston, and told us that all they want to hear is "I'm sorry," that you are sympathetic and that you care about them. This really struck me. These are real people who I will be teaching, real people with real problems. Any person you meet can drop a bombshell on you at any point, and as a missionary, I need to let the Spirit guide how I react, but I also need to show a little bit of Megan, a tangible person who cares for them. That's a hard lesson, but I know that with God's help I will know how to help His children. It reminds me of the song Lord, I would Follow Thee, verses three and four

I would be my brother's keeper;
I would learn the healer's art.
To the wounded and the weary
I would show a gentle heart.
I would be my brother's keeper--
Lord, I would follow thee.

Savior, may I love my brother
As I know thou lovest me,
Find in thee my strength, my beacon,
For thy servant I would be.
Savior, may I love my brother--
Lord, I would follow thee

This song is my very favorite Hymn. I love the message that we can love as the Savior loved. I have come to know my Savior in the past two weeks better than I have ever before. He is my personal Savior, He suffered for me, He Loves me with a perfect love. He is my older brother. I think of my two older brothers, how I know that whenever I need them, they'll be there. How when I am crying, and dying inside, they'll comfort me. If my two, imperfect, but still wonderful, older brothers can love me that much, how much more does the Savior love me? How much more does He want to comfort me? to drop everything to come to my aid? He loves me. He LOVES you! and He LOVES the people I am going to teach out in Tacoma! I can't wait to bring them this amazing message!
Enjoy the pictures!
District at Temple


All my love,

Sister Megan Monson

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  1. Love hearing about your experiences, Megan; I am always inspired by your love for the Savior and your sweet testimony of His gospel. Thanks for sharing!!! ❤️