Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 10: Ten Days in Tacoma

   Not having a P day on Monday is seriously the weirdest thing! It felt like we were all "go, go, go!" but you can really only do that for so long! So I am exhausted! But it has been a constant crazy for the past 10 days!
Sister Bird, Kelli, Sister Monson
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   We taught Ann on Tuesday and Wednesday and it was wonderful! We felt like she was so prepared and we were ready to call and reserve the font! But on Thursday disaster struck! Ann is gone. She lived with one of our less actives, and they got in a huge fight, Ann got kicked out and it turns out she was lying to us the whole time and wasn't keeping any of her commitments... So that was a fun. 
    So, yet again, we are back to square one. Yay. So it's more knocking on doors, more talking to people and even more praying to find people to teach! This week Sister Bird and I are really working on having hope to find people to teach. We have been told that Knocking is dead in Lincoln, over and over again people have told us that there is no one to find. But if you go to 5-7s thinking that it's pointless, that you're just knocking for obedience and it doesn't actually do anything, then it really won't do anything, you really aren't going to find anyone. So we are trying our hardest to have hope that there really are people to teach, even in Lincoln.
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    On Sunday we sang at a Bishop's Youth Fireside... It was an adventure to be sure! Elder Jocelyn got to come back from Gravely Lake to sing with us! We sang "I Need Thee Every Hour" again, but we only had a piano copy of the music so the Elders kept forgetting the words! So it was slightly the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened! For our other number we sang "Amazing Grace," which is our mission song. So we had Elder Jocelyn's new companion and Elder Pipe's new companion join us and it was much less chaotic!
Elder Uceda
    Nothing gets you more pumped to find people to teach than having two members of the quorum of the seventy come and talk to your mission! That was the privilege we had as a mission this Monday! Elders Uceda and Clayton came on a mission tour and talked to us about how to be better missionaries! It was so awesome to have counsel meant just for our mission given to us, of how to work with members, and how to teach people better, it was seriously so cool, I can't even describe it!
   On Tuesday Morning Sister Bird and I got a phone call we never expected! Elders Clayton and Uceda wanted to interview just 24 missionaries in the whole mission, and we had been chosen! Like, what????? It is not every day that you get to be interviewed by a seventy! Elder Uceda and I had an amazing conversation about mission life. It was like talking to an old friend, someone who just wanted to hear about me. He asked about my family and how I am doing on my mission, and he looked me straight in the eyes, and told me that I will be an angel to the people here in Tacoma, that two "angels" had knocked on his door many years ago in Peru and that they were just like me. It was incredible to hear a servant of the Lord promise me that.
    This work is incredible! There is so much to learn and every day I get a little bit better, every day I get a little closer to my Heavenly Father. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a missionary! I love the gospel!
All my Love,
Sister Megan Monson
nothing is boring with Elder Pipe
This is what we sent the ward members when Elder Jocelyn was transferred

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