Monday, September 5, 2016

Week 11: Be BOLD, or italic, never regular

pencil case
   That is a joke that any good English major would appreciate. I saw it on a pencil case in the Museum of Glass this week, and I found it inspirational. Be Boldor Italic, never regular.
    There is nothing normal about missionary work, no average 19 year-old in their right mind would choose to get up at 6:30 every single day, run a mile, study for two hours and then spend the rest of their day in the service of others. Not to mention choosing to wear your Sunday best every single day. The very existence of missionaries screams "crazy!" Every day missionaries go out and serve, they go out and teach and they use all their might to be as bold as possible.
    Being bold is never easy, I was taught my whole life not to talk to strangers, and now what do I do all day? Talk to strangers. But I couldn't be happier! I get to invite every person I talk to to come closer to my best friend, Jesus Christ! How amazing is that?
    This week something amazing happened. When I first got here, one of the First assignments Bishop gave us was to start meeting with this less active woman named Kelli. Kelli had a series of unfortunate events happen recently and was living in a shelter, worked insane hours that prevented her from going to church, and her relationship with her fiance was suffering. The first time we met with Kelli we invited her to start paying her tithing, because we know that tithing really does help. Although she had her reservations, she agreed and started paying the very next day. After that, the miracles started happening. Kelli and her fiance made up and he started investigating the church with some missionaries in a neighboring ward, her job allowed her to take enough to to go partake of the sacrament, Kelli was able to leave the shelter behind and she and her fiance were married. The biggest miracle was that we were able to see her new husband be baptized on Saturday. God is a God of miracles. We said good-bye to Kelli for likely the last time after the baptism, and as we all embraced, we cried, and Kelli just said "thank you." I cannot say that I did anything, But the Lord did everything.
    God is so good, my friends! I'm reminded of something the Savior said in Mark 10:27,"with men it is impossible, but not with God: For with God, all things are possible."
   Happy Labor Day!
    All my love!
     Sister Megan Monson
Sister Monson

sisters at the museum

glass ceiling

glass fruit bowl

glass creature

glass blowing

Stadium Ward Building

Glass pig

Glass museum ceiling

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