Monday, September 12, 2016

Week 12: Improve the Shining Moments

     I have literally never heard the song that this letter is titled after, but the lyrics are nice! This week has been a little bit discouraging to be frank. We knocked into an atheist the other day that lectured us for a solid 15 minutes on why God is not real, and then we knocked into a Pentecostal who bashed us for a solid 45 minutes on why we need to start speaking in tongues to be saved (yeah that is really not true!). Bad things happen; unfortunately it is a part of life and a huge part of missionary work.
    But good things happen all the time too! Like just yesterday we knocked into a guy named Bill who owns a candy business that sells band-aid shaped chocolates, and he gave us a huge bag of chocolates because they were broken! Seriously, so nice!
     Highlight of the week is an amazing Latina woman named Letty. Letty is Roman Catholic (for now :)) and she has been talking with sister missionaries for a really, really long time. She has not progressed ever, in fact she hadn't even really gotten through the entire first lesson ever before. Generally if an investigator isn't progressing the missionaries don't keep going over, but Letty is an exception. We went over to chat and stay for 30 minutes or less, we wanted to get the first lesson in and see if she would keep a commitment. We wound up being there for 2 hours, Elder Holland once said that something everyone says will eventually lead back to the gospel, so just listen. That is so true!!! Letty has started questioning her beliefs since her church got a new pastor, and she was so devastated. Eventually I asked her, "Letty, do you even know what makes our church different from other Christian churches?" She thought for a second and replied, "No, I don't think I've ever known..." It was the perfect opening to speak about the Restoration of the Gospel. It has taken many sets of sisters, but Letty is finally ready to hear the Gospel! We talked about the Book of Mormon and helped her get the gospel Library App so she can listen to it in Spanish. We talked about Temples and how families can be together forever, Letty cried and told us that she had always wanted four children. She said that it must have been God's will that she only had 2 because Sister Bird and I have become like the completion of her family. 
     God works in mysterious ways sometimes, I can't say that I always understand it, but I know that everything happens for a reason. 
     Have a wonderful week!
      All my love,
        Sister Megan Monson

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