Monday, September 19, 2016

Week 13:The Break In

The other day Sister Bird and I realized that we have like three closets full of odds and ends that were completely useless. So we rolled up our sleeves during our precious little free time and got to work cleaning everything out. Unfortunately we had just started making a big mess when it got time to leave for proselyting. Walking in to the mess strewn all over the apartment made it look as though there had been a minor break in. Looking at it, we got an idea. Our roommie companionship didn't know we had been cleaning, and our apartment had been orderly when they had left. So the only natural thing to do was to make the entire apartment look as if it had been looted. We knocked over chairs opened cabinets and flipped the entire apartment. Then we hid in our closet, and waited. What seemed like an excellent idea soon became very hot as we for the other sisters to get home...

Ten minutes....


Thirty minutes....

Forty minutes and they finally opened the door. "what happened?" we hear as we snicker quietly... The first stop they made was the closet, Sister Pen with broom in hand. "Watch my back!" she tells Sister Beck as she flings open the closet door to find us laughing quietly. Soon we were all laughing hysterically. We had forgotten one thing, "We knew you were here because we parked right behind you!" they told us laughing. Welcome to the free time of missionaries.
     Besides that not a whole ton happened this past week. We knocked on more doors, talked to more people, and spoke and sang at Cambodian Baptism! So cool to see the gospel in different cultures, even in Washington!
    Have a great week! 
            All my love,
             Sister Monson
Seahawk sisters

Seattle Seahawks shirts

ginormous spider

storm rolling in


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