Monday, November 7, 2016

Week 20: Just a Spoonful of Sugar

adorable missionaries
Or maybe a *little* bit more... Apparently no one wants their leftover Halloween candy, which naturally means that the missionaries do. Every house we go to holds out a bowl full of cavity-makers. I mean, it's a nice gesture, but I think I will die if I eat another bite of some sugary substance! We have a big container in our car right now where all the candy goes for later and it is constantly full, I am probably going to have to run TWO miles every morning instead of just one!
   This week a miracle happened, no small feat mind you. Since I got to Lincoln I have been doing service for a less active named Barb. And to be honest, sometimes Barb uses us as unpaid gardeners. I have literally weeded the same strip of yard five or six times. And I was starting to worry that it would all come to naught. But this week after we did service for Barb she told us that she was seriously thinking about coming to church on Sunday, my natural response was to flippantly think that she was just getting our hopes up. But then we got talking and she admitted that she just really needed someone who cared enough to even just save her a seat. Knowing that the seat next to me and Sister Webb would likely be empty, I promised Barb that she would always have a seat right next to us. So I got crafty, which if you know me is very unlike me, and I made a little sign that says "For Barb." (I wish I had taken a picture!) And the most miraculous thing that happened was... She came. After Sacrament she told us that she had been told by multiple people to "stand up for what she believes in" and, with tears in her eyes, told us that it clicked in her head that she needed to stand up for the church too. Barb came and stayed all three hours, and she promised to come back again and again. It is sometimes so HARD to do what is right, I can see that! I have a book of rules that I agreed to follow and sometimes I don't want to! But I know, I know, That as we do what is right we will be blessed!
Have a great week!
As they say in Washington "Stay dry!"
trying to stay dry...

Sister Megan Monson

(Editor: As I read this letter I cried! Miracles happen, prayers really are answered an hard work, even weeding, brings about blessings)

yuck! bad spider


District pic

dinner with the Hatch family

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