Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 21: Better Promises

The other day I heard a song on my USB that I hadn't heard ever before, which is really too bad because it basically describes my time in Lincoln. It's called "Better Promises" by Hillary Weeks, and you should all listen to it because it so perfectly describes life. As I was listening to it the chorus really struck me,

"You gave me bread
But I thought it was a stone,
And before you could tell me yes,
You had to tell me no.
If you had given me what I wanted,
I would not have seen
That you had better promises for me."

I won't even lie, six weeks ago I was a brat, I did not want to stay in Lincoln and I fought against it so hard. But I didn't get my wish. I got what Heavenly Father wanted for me and I am so grateful that He knows so much better than I do. I have been so blessed to have the opportunity to stay in this amazing place for four months of my mission. I have made friendships that will last for eternity and I have learned to rely on my Savior more than I ever have before. And now, I am leaving.
     Saturday afternoon we got a call that said "Sister Monson you will be transferring to the Shelton first ward. And Sister Webb will be staying." I didn't expect to be so sad! So this week has been full of good-byes and tears! So not fair that they leave you until you love it so much that you never want to leave and then they make you go!
    The miracle of this week was the Keesee family. On Sister Johansen's (one of my roommates) last week I got to go knocking with her, and if you ever have the chance to go knocking with a missionary on their last week, you do it. So we prayed about it and we chose to knock a street that I have now knocked three times. And as we knocked we came to a door that I had little hope for, having been turned down both times before. But this time someone else answered the door, and they were interested and their whole family is now on date to be baptized! I never expected to find anyone on that street, who knew we would find the most ready family? Man, I love missionary work!
I love you all!
Sister Megan Monson

Ben, Chantell and Becky

The Braggs family-goodbye

The Bakers

Ben and Chantelle, Sis Monson, Becky and Sis Webb

the dog Bently

Sis McConnell and Bently

Sis McConnell goodbye

The Bakers-goodbye

Lincoln city streets

adorable sisters

Sis Webb and Sis Monson

investigators at church

Sister Guinup goodbye

Sis Hatch goodbye
new little house

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  1. Love to see your pictures along with your wonderful weekly emails. Grandma and Grandpa Payne