Monday, January 30, 2017

Week 32:Life is Good and so is God

Last Tuesday Sister Ireland was sick as a dog, literally could hardly get out of bed, let alone do missionary work. To be frank, I was a little frustrated, not with Sister Ireland, but with the fact that we had to stay in for a WHOLE DAY. One day inside means one more day that we can't go find those who are ready for the gospel! But we stayed in because we knew that if we went out there was no way Sister Ireland would get better as quickly.
   As we were sitting inside watching The Testaments for the eight billionth time we got a phone call from a Sister Anderson, with a referral for her son's girlfriend, Molly. After getting all the information and chatting with Sister Anderson for a bit, I hung up and Sister Ireland and I just looked at each other. How does that happen? We stayed inside and somehow we still found someone to teach! We decided that that was Heavenly Father's way of telling us, "it's okay, you can stay inside and rest, get better."
sick day activities
     We went about our week looking forward to the appointment we would have with Molly on Sunday, all we knew about Molly is she is dating a member and is our age. Because neither Sister Ireland or I have ever served in YSA wards we haven't been able to teach people our own age before so we were excited for the adventure!
      As we sat down with Molly we asked what questions she had and she admitted that she was agnostic, but never felt right saying that God doesn't exist. She asked us question after question, deeper doctrine questions, ones that I would typically have to go home and study about before I could give an answer. But the words were always there. In Preach My Gospel it says that you can tell you are a successful missionary when you can feel the Spirit working through you, and this was one of those moments. Molly's questions lead us to teaching parts of every lesson we teach. We talked about the atonement and Christ's love, we talked about where we go after this life and how perfect God's plan is. As we talked I could literally see a change in Molly. When we finished our discussion, Molly looked at us, on the verge of tears, and said, "thank you, I know that God is real now. What more can you teach me?" It was truly one of the most spiritual moments of my mission. It was as if when she was realizing that God is real, He was also reminding me of His reality.
    Life is good, my friends, and so is God.
     All my love,
        Sister Megan Monson

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