Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Week 16: What a Beautiful Mess

I have lots of crazy stories from this week! Just after I emailed last week Sister Bird and I went to our last Zone Activity together. If there is one thing that I just cannot do even a little bit, it's sports. Literally, not even a little bit! We played chair soccer, which essentially means that we each had a chair and we had to protect it from the soccer ball, the last one with their chair still untouched is the winner. So being the uncoordinated mess that I am, my chair was among the first to get out. According to the rules of this made up game you must stay with your chair, in hopes that you are able to catch the ball and get yourself back in. So I was just sitting, with no intentions of even attempting to get back in, and a very well directed soccer ball comes flying at my face going a million miles an hour. Whoops. Bloody nose and dizziness aside, I was miraculously able to work through the rest of the day.
Tuesday was transfer day, the day that I had to say good-bye to my amazing companion Sister Bird! I was literally so sad! Sister Bird is incredible, and she trained me well! She moved on to Olympia and I got Sister Webb! Sister Webb is also incredible! She went to Utah State before the Mission, Majoring in Math Education, and basically lived my life, without me ever knowing her!
Driving home from Transfers was an adventure, I had not been behind a wheel in almost four months, and that skill leaves you quicker than you would think! What made it even more adventurous was the fact that my nose began gushing blood halfway home! Unfortunately my nose was not completely fine after being pelted in the face! Never drive while your nose is bleeding; it is just a bad idea!
Sister Webb and I have been getting along fantastically! She is so kind and compassionate! We came out on the same day so we both just finished training and really have no idea what we are doing, but it's fun.
Yesterday we decided to tackle the most daunting task known to missionary-kind, cleaning out the kitchen. We had four garbage bags full of molded breads, rotten eggs and all sorts of nastiness, in addition to the five bags from the refrigerator. It was disgusting, but we can officially see the back of our pantry and we now know where all the dishes actually are! As we were taking the trash out I opened the door to the garbage compactor, which has a very sharp corner conveniently level with my head. Of course I have no idea how to judge whether or not my head will hit said corner, except stupidity in not knowing how tall I actually am... Blood should not ever come out of your head. Nope, not ever. This wound up with Sister Webb sitting queasily in a corner and me trying to figure out what to do when a cut on your head is not stitches worthy! Luckily I did not need stitches, and I am probably not concussed, but lesson learned, know how tall you actually are.
I love you all, and I hope you can laugh at my crazy life! Have a great week!

Sister Megan Monson

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