Monday, October 17, 2016

Week 17: Boots McKinzie

Editors note: When Sister Monson was called to Washington Tacoma Mission she was so thrilled because she loves rain and could buy her "Hunter" rain-boots and leave her hair curly. So you can just see her knocking on doors in a Typhoon and loving every minute of it! See pictures below...

Whenever I would wear my boots at home my Daddy would call me "Boots McKinzie" which doesn't really make much sense because my name isn't McKinzie, but I do like boots! 
This week it started raining... and raining and raining and raining. My rain jacket and boots seem to be glued to me because it rains so much that I never take them off! On Thursday it rained so hard that even the pockets of my raincoat were sopping wet, it was truly incredible. And no one here believes in umbrellas! What? Apparently that's how they know you're not from here! Crazy!
On Friday we were at a ward party and the members were so concerned about our safety, we were so confused until we were shown a weather report of a TYPHOON coming directly to the Wa-Tac! This made us SUPER worried, but also ridiculously excited! The worst of the storm was supposed to hit while we are required to go knocking, from 5-7.
So we rain-proofed everything, our pass along cards were in baggies, our Book of Mormons were in baggies, we wore our boots, coats and waterproof bags, everything was safe from this storm. When it hit we were going to be prepared.
So Saturday night rolls around and our dinner appointment is super scared for our safety, and they tried to urge us to stay inside, but there was no stopping us from going out to find, unless we were told not to, we were going. So we pulled on all our gear made sure our car was safe and headed out.... and nothing happened. A little wind, and a little rain, and a whole bunch of terrified people, but nothing else happened!
Boots McKinzie is always ready to battle a storm, but apparently the storm wasn't ready to battle with her! Another day, I guess! Stay tuned for the many adventures of Boots McKinzie and her sidekick, Weatherproof Webb!

All my love,

She said the "puddle" was more like a lake and they were grateful they didn't fall in 

Sister Webb and Sister Monson at ward fireside Sunday evening

beauty everywhere

Elders and Sisters at Ward carnival Saturday night

Sister Megan Monson

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