Monday, January 2, 2017

Week 28: The Wolf-Deer

   This week was utter insanity. It started with trying to fit all of Sister Philippi's stuff into our tiny little Chevy Cruze. If you can just imagine squeezing things into every single nook and cranny, in the trunk, backseat, front seat, floor, back window, everywhere. Sister Missionaries have a lot of stuff. Then we drove down to Olympia to drop off Sister Philippi and all her stuff. I then took another sister with me to Tacoma who was transferring out of Sister Philippi's new area. So we exchanged stuff and there was still stuff covering every single surface of the car, so much stuff! Finally we made it to Tacoma where we exchanged stuff one more time and I got my new companion, Sister Ireland. 
Sis Ireland and Sis Monson

     Sister Ireland is incredible, she is from Maricopa, AZ and has the biggest heart of anyone I have ever known. And this week we worked hard, harder than I ever have on my entire mission, and that is saying a lot. We are trying to meet the zone standard of 25 finding hours a week. After working our tails off we wound up with 23, which is pretty good for not having any hours on Tuesday because of transfers.
     On Saturday we were on the verge of crazy, we had knocked for 5 hours by the time it was time for our daily 5-7 knocking and we were exhausted. As we were driving to find a new spot to knock we turned down this street in the middle of the woods wondering where it lead... and we saw it. It's eyes were glowing and I swore it was a wolf and Sister Ireland tried to brush it off as a deer, we drove down the road screaming that we were being chased by a wolf-deer. We still have no idea which it was, but we basically decided knocking doors at night in the woods is not a very good idea.
I hope your New Years was wonderful and you didn't get eaten by the wolf-deer!
All my love,
Sister Megan Monson
MTC Sisters

Sister Monson and Sister Philipi

Shelton Washington

New steeple

Inside the steeple

Shelton Ward

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