Monday, February 27, 2017

The Return of Mr. Jingles

Three weeks ago as Sister Ireland was packing up to leave I saw, out of the corner of my eye, something run across the carpet. I thought I was just seeing things until Sister Ireland saw it too. A mouse. A disgusting little rodent. He came in from the cold and decided to take up residence somewhere in our house. He got into our food and our trash, he left his trace everywhere and we could not tell where in the world he was.
Our Ward Mission Leader named our new roommate "Mr. Jingles" and set out traps in hopes to catch it red handed.
And then we waited...

Fast forward three weeks and there has been no trace of Mr Jingles... Until the cantaloupe...

Mice like cantaloupe. Fun fact. A member gave us a couple of them and neither of us really wanted them... not to be ungrateful but they were on the mushy side anyways. So they sat on our kitchen floor waiting for us to throw away. Of course Mr. Jingles decided that would be a really great snack. We came home to cantaloupe juice everywhere, and traces of Mr. Jingles.
We thought we were in the clear, but no such.
Somehow this applies to the gospel. Like, don't think you're in the clear until you've actually caught the mouse. Or get a cat to protect your home from the powers of Satan's mice... I don't know.

I love you all, Have a great week!

Sister Megan Monson

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