Monday, February 13, 2017

The week of NEW

Usually when you stay in an area your life stays about the same, but mine definitely did not! This week I got a new car, (a carolla! Yay!) new carpets (finally!) and, most importantly, a new companion!
Sister Rust is from the blessed land of South Jordan, Utah! Unfortunately she went to Herriman High School, a pity to be sure. She is incredible and I am just so lucky to get to train her!
This week has been a constant flow of adventures since I picked Sister Rust up on Tuesday.
On Thursday we got the cops called on us! Yay... actually totally not yay. We were rushing to be on time to our 5-7 knocking session and parked in the first place that we could find to be on time. Of course we accidentally parked in front of someone's vacation home, no big. Until that same vacation home got broken into. And who would break into a house but the Sister Missionaries? So we had to hang around for a good forty minutes waiting for them to clear us to go. The man who called the cops described us as "two girls, with those church name tags, probably 25-30 years old." Yep, apparently the combination of dark and rainy adds ten years to my age. The police came, hands on holsters and flashlights in hand. Within seconds of talking to us the officer relaxed and noted, "I really don't think you would be out robbing houses under the pretense of talking about Christ." So he let us go.
Then Friday was a little miracle! I finally got to go to the temple with Steve! We were supposed to go weeks ago, but after many of Satan's distractions, we finally got to go do baptisms with Steve and his wife Patty. It was amazing! Such a wonderful experience to go with them for Steve's first time!
So it has been a good week, a crazy one, but a good one.
All my love, 
Sister Megan Monson
This looks just like what Sister Monson would do to
welcome a new companion

Temple with Sis. Philippi and Patty

Temple with Steve

Sister Bird, the trainer, Sister Monson the new trainer and Sis Rust
Sister Rust and Sister Monson

Sister Rust and Sister Monson

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